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My gallery~
Feel free to look at my pictures xD

In case you see acronyms in my gallery:
:bulletblue: G: Gift
:bulletblue: RQ: Request
:bulletblue: CM: Commission
:bulletblue: FD: Fusion Drawing

All artworks are © NicolaGianina :iconnicolagianina:
(EXCEPT: artworks that are made by other people for me as gifts or requests or commissions)
Characters © their rightful owners


Go check out their gallery! They're all awesome! :la:




:star:ART STATUS:star:


:bulletblue:Age: 18
:bulletblue:Nicknames: usually called Nic, Nicol, or Nicola.
:bulletblue:Likes sleeping, drawing, playing games (oh yes, I'm a lazy person) and ICE CREAMS 89 !
:bulletblue:Dislikes art thieves, homeworks and tests.

Facts to get better at Drawing Art:

1)Don't ever let other peoples' Art make you feel crummy about your Art...
2)Prove to yourself that you can draw better art then you used too...

(I got it from spud133's signature)

Random Stuff

:bulletblue:"Being inspired by someone is not the same as copying everything this person does"
Got that from Cynder-and-spyro-fan

:bulletyellow:Feel free to draw my characters but at least give me a CREDIT.
:bulletyellow:Feel free to trace, copy or reference my artwork too as long you give me a CREDIT for it (and give a link please)…
I don't really mind, because it's a part of studying ;p
:bulletyellow:Feel free to ask me too :D

:bulletred:But DO NOT:
-Claim my artwork/s as your own
-Sell my artwork/s

Some sites I'm in:

And now.... STAMPZZZZ GAAAAH! *slapped*

DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompantherWishful Thinking by whispwillTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineDay Dreamer Stamp by Sora05


Katsu Headshot by NicolaGianina
Katsu Headshot
Yay I got a new sona :la:
Meet Kaze no Kitsune! (or Katsu for short)

And yeah, she's basically the human version of Kizuri. She doesn't look fierce like her beast counterpart though.
Actually, I made her as my sona for Miraculous Ladybug universe with chibi Kizuri as her Kwami.  Can't wait for the series to come out on Nickelodeon x3

Also, I tried Sakura Pigma Brush for the lineart and Derwent Inktense to color this! It was fun to finally try stuff that I bought early on last month :nod:
Uni is taking my free time away and won't stop shoving loads of homeworks to my face and tormenting me with quizzes and tests xD 
I exaggerate a bit on the tormenting part though xD


art, Katsu, Kizuri (c) NicolaGianina
I am plotting a scheme... by NicolaGianina
I am plotting a scheme...

idk what title i should give
Just a quick doodle of my persona (or to be persona?). Only took an hour to finish. Also I was trying some effects on PS since I never really understand how to use PS |D

Line and colors made in FireAlpaca; effects, texture made in PS 


art, character (c) NicolaGianina
scratch texture by yulia-textures

FD: Horeal and Zeelon by NicolaGianina
FD: Horeal and Zeelon
Fusion draw with NikolasFiansa or nick_frasa on instagram (he's much more active there) when I met him at school on the written date there to help him transfer some of his Pokémon from Y to Alpha Sapphire.

Now about the creatures:

It's a horse!
It's a dragon!

Actually a horse/dragon/tiger/whatever hybrid (sometimes a fusion draw result can be unexpected like this xD). It's power resides on its overgrown fabulously shiny hair. Depending on what shampoo it uses, its hair can harden and shaped to be an impenetrable shield or razor sharp blades, or soften to make every woman envies its silky smooth hair.    

Lor*al is its favorite shampoo, thus its name, Horéal.

An eel/dragon hybrid. Not much is known about this creature besides the fact that it lives in the deepest trench of the ocean. We didn't come up with any stories for Zeelon since well... a very dragon-like fusion draw is very common for us to draw. I guess it's because we both like dragons a lot xD

art and design by: NicolaGianina, NikolasFiansa (nick_frasa on instagram)
Horéal and Zeelon (c) NicolaGianina, NikolasFiansa (nick_frasa on instagram)
Idk if you have heard this...
I just saw the news and found out that yesterday, there was a dog eating "festival" in Yulin, China to commemorate Summer Solstice. 10,000 dogs were captured and put into small overcrowded wire cage with no food or water. Then they're tortured before being cooked because they believe that the more adrenaline the dog released, the tastier the dog meat will be. Not just dogs, cats too. 

Dogs and cats are companions, not food.
They have feelings and do not deserve to be tortured and eaten.
To torture and eat dogs and cats just plain cruel.

If you want to know more just read the news on google or elsewhere. I am currently lost at words on how to explain this.. 

Source (WARNING may contain disturbing images):……
  • Mood: Disgust

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