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My gallery~
Feel free to look at my pictures xD

In case you see acronyms in my gallery:
:bulletblue: G: Gift
:bulletblue: RQ: Request
:bulletblue: CM: Commission
:bulletblue: FD: Fusion Drawing

All artworks are © NicolaGianina :iconnicolagianina:
(EXCEPT: artworks that are made by other people for me as gifts or requests or commissions)
Characters © their rightful owners


Go check out their gallery! They're all awesome! :la:




:star:ART STATUS:star:


:bulletblue:Age: 18
:bulletblue:Nicknames: usually called Nic, Nicol, or Nicola.
:bulletblue:Likes sleeping, drawing, playing games (oh yes, I'm a lazy person) and ICE CREAMS 89 !
:bulletblue:Dislikes art thieves, homeworks and tests.

Facts to get better at Drawing Art:

1)Don't ever let other peoples' Art make you feel crummy about your Art...
2)Prove to yourself that you can draw better art then you used too...

(I got it from spud133's signature)

Random Stuff

:bulletblue:"Being inspired by someone is not the same as copying everything this person does"
Got that from Cynder-and-spyro-fan

:bulletyellow:Feel free to draw my characters but at least give me a CREDIT.
:bulletyellow:Feel free to trace, copy or reference my artwork too as long you give me a CREDIT for it (and give a link please)…
I don't really mind, because it's a part of studying ;p
:bulletyellow:Feel free to ask me too :D

:bulletred:But DO NOT:
-Claim my artwork/s as your own
-Sell my artwork/s

Some sites I'm in:
:bulletyellow:iscribble: NicGia (not active):bulletyellow:
:bulletblue:Backloggery: NicolaGianina:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Twitter: NicolaGianina:bulletblue:

And now.... STAMPZZZZ GAAAAH! *slapped*

Wanna Stamp by agra19DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompantherWishful Thinking by whispwillTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineDay Dreamer Stamp by Sora05


Gift: Hikaru Box
Supposed to be tonberrygirl's birthday gift but... eh school's so freakin busy I didn't have time to make the gift on time. So yeah, just started making this on 25/4 (just finished the national exam so I was super free) which is waaaay too late from her B'day which was on November. Sorry... x(

Wanted to make something like a pixel box featuring her character, Hikaru, but instead of pixels I use Flash because I'm not confident enough with my pixel skill xD

Had to reduce the dimension and the quality of colors because the file would be to big to be some kind of pixel.... I mean, animation box xD
It's still big though but it's better than the full sized one.

tonberrygirl, if you need the .swf or the full sized one just tell me
I hope you like it ^^


art, animation (c) NicolaGianina
Hikaru (c) tonberrygirl

ONLY tonberrygirl MAY USE THIS
FD: random amphibian man, Scelix, Loofy by NicolaGianina
FD: random amphibian man, Scelix, Loofy
It's been a long time since I uploaded something here.
Ok, idk what to say so let's just get to the point xD

So here are some creatures that I and NikolasFiansa made together on school break (or when we got bored of studying :p).
First one is a random sentient amphibian man. 
Second one is probably the most complex fusion character we've ever made xD We're really proud of it. Shaded it with Finecolour pens and named it Scelix.
Third one is a random super fluffy mammal named Loofy. Um no, not Luffy xD. Sounds like Luffy from One Piece but we actually named it that because it rhymes with fluffy xD Anyway, didn't really like this one. Intended to make an awesome mammalian fusion character ('cause we've made too many reptilian fusion character) but ended up creating a random fur ball xD

Anyway, they weren't made recently but I haven't got time to upload them here. You can see the dates on each pic.


art, creatures (c) NicolaGianina, NikolasFiansa
Hi guys! It's 25th December here in Indonesia
(and the time is 11 AM if you wanna know)


I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!
  • Mood: Joy
  • Reading: Animorphs
  • Playing: Pokemon X, MH Freedom United

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Thank foe the llama ;w;
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Thanks for the Llama and the watch too! 
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A question: How long've you been an animator for?
NicolaGianina Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
For a year or so I guess, but I don't animate much now. More like I lost inspirations :') One sec I'm like "Oh gosh I need to animate" and the next sec I'm like "I don't want to animate *sobs* "
But I still want to be one someday. Being able to give life to still images would surely feel amazing, even though sometimes the result wouldn't come out as expected xD  
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Ci Nicola!^^
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